June 9, 2011

Poem on Mother's Day in English

Mother is the most important person in our life. Mothers are strong, loving, caring, kind, our best friend, teacher and like god for us. They are incomparable.


You’re Most Beautiful

You are God on earth.
You are creator of universe
Who gives birth.

You are like tree
Who gives shadow to birds.
You are like sun
Who gives light to the world.

You are like soil
Who gives life to plants.
You are most unique
We can't live without.

You are like rain shower in summer
You are like spring in autumn of life.
You always protect us from dangers
You are most beautiful and divine.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


A Tribute to Mom

May be sometimes I embarrassed you
Probably, I didn't listen when you say something
But still you say you proud on me
Even though I made you angry.

Now I realize and I'm sorry
If I ever hurt you or said anything stupid
And I'm way too old to cry.

Foster care, 
you did your best to raise your sons
Our every little wish you tried to fulfill
Been a Santa on all christmas's
But you never let us see what you are hiding.

So many stresses and pain behind your smile
Thank you for being my mom and dad
Mom, please accept this as a tribute
My life is always owe to you
But I know I can't repay you.

Now it's my responsibility
to treat you as a God
Give you every little thing
So just put finger on any spot
Even I would sell myself
No matter what the cost.

Now if I get a new life
One without any cause
I'd spend it to fulfill your hopes.

Though, if it's my last ride
I am not afraid to die
Remember Mama,
you made me strong
And if you get this message
after I gone
Just know, I proudly say
I am your son.

And I'll introduce myself to God
I'm Chetan Dheer and son of Suman
And pointing at you from there
There she is my Mom.

Chetan Dheer