October 14, 2011

Inspirational Poems in English


Never Give Up in Life

Never give up in life man!
Never give up in life.

Life is the greatest gift
No one is here misfit.

We need to know our goal
and Nicely play our role.

Why to fear with dark
When there are millions stars.

Why to sink in despair
When hope resides everywhere.

What a path without a turn
What a flower without a thorn?

What a joy without sadness
What a goal without weariness?

Everything is for a reason
Like we need every season.

Face the hurdles with a smile
Never give up in this life.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


Hopes in My Heart will Never Die

I am walking on a thorny path
My only love has broken my heart
My truth is being considered a lie
But hopes in my heart will never die.

My life has become a horrible question
I wish I could find any solution
Everyone is making me cry
But hopes in my heart will never die.

Don't know when the situation will change
Don't know who is taking revenge
I can say with deep sigh
Hopes in my heart will never die.

My luck is not in my favor
But I will continue my endeavors
With all the odds, I would survive
Hopes in my heart will never die.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


Just Move On

O sailor!
Don't frighten with storms
Waves will come and go
You just move on.

Don't afraid of fire
Don't fear of thorns
Your self confidence
will defeat all storms.

If truth and courage are your weapons
Have faith, nothing bad will happen
If hope resides in your eyes
You can win all the fights.

Your dreams will come true
You will reach to destination
You will light up the whole world
with Your courage and determination.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

Life is not like fairy tales. Life is strange and full of surprises. Life is not only black and white or can’t be defined by two sides of the coin. Life has lots of shades and aspects. Whatever we wish many times we don’t get . Whatever we get, we never thought of that. But still life is beautiful and this beauty gives us courage to face all the hurdles and challenges at every step of life. Just like the joy, happiness, success, pleasure and comfort...sorrow, defeat, misery, failures etc are also the parts of life. One should always be ready to face all the challenges with courage, patience and determination, as these problems are the test of our inner strength and character. One should never give up in life. One should never let the hopes die. One should fight till his/her last breath.