April 9, 2012

Poem on Women in Hindi

Women are symbol of love, care, sacrifice, compassion, gentleness, strength and values. They are smart, beautiful, sensual, strong, caring, surviving, giving, tolerant and powerful. The power of a woman is endless. They are backbone of the earth. They give life to the world. From morning to night they perform multitasks. They can do almost anything they put their mind to. They smile even during stress and trouble. They are epitome of strength. As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend they play various vital roles till their last breath with full dedication. They are fountain of life. The below poems are dedicated to all the women of this universe. 


हे स्त्री! 

हे स्त्री! इस जीवन का आधार तुम
स्वयं में ही सकल सृष्टि का सार तुम
हे स्त्री! इस जीवन का आधार तुम। 

तुम वृहद हो इस संपन्न धरा-सी
तुम शीतल हो निशा के चंद्रमा-सी
तुम पर्याय समस्त पुष्पित प्रस्फुटन का
तुम चंचल हो शोख नदी की धारा-सी। 

हो स्वयं ही किसी भवसागर का पार तुम
हे स्त्री! इस जीवन का आधार तुम। 

तुम्हारे ह्रदय में तदर्थ करुणा
निश्चेष्ट है यह सकल तृष्णा
संध्या की पवित्र निस्तब्धता हो तुम
परे है तुमसे क्रोध, ईर्ष्या, घृणा। 

निर्मल, निश्छल-सी खुद में एक संसार तुम
हे स्त्री! इस जीवन का आधार तुम। 

धरा पर वात्सल्य का व्यक्तित्व तुमसे
मेरा व समग्र विश्व का अस्तित्व तुमसे
तुमसे ही एकाकी अर्धचंद्र की शीतलता
जुड़ा है सृष्टि के वहन का दायित्व तुमसे। 

समस्त समर्थ मर्यादा का उद्गार तुम
हे स्त्री! इस जीवन का आधार तुम। 

कम होगा गान तुम्हारा कंपित स्वर से
आपूरित है जग तुमसे ममता के वर से
शारदीय प्रभात, मध्यनिशा, अष्टप्रहर तुमसे
झंकृत है जीवन प्रवाह तुम्हारे सुर से। 

दो आज कृतज्ञ होने का अधिकार तुम
स्वयं में ही सकल सृष्टि का सार तुम
हे स्त्री! इस जीवन का आधार तुम। 

Malendra Kumar 


नारी तुम हो सबकी आशा 

किन शब्दों में दूँ परिभाषा?
नारी तुम हो सबकी आशा। 

सरस्वती का रूप हो तुम
लक्ष्मी का स्वरुप हो तुम 
बढ़ जाये जब अत्याचारी
दुर्गा-काली का रूप हो तुम। 

किन शब्दों में दूँ परिभाषा?
नारी तुम हो सबकी आशा। 

खुशियों का संसार हो तुम
प्रेम का आगार हो तुम
घर आँगन को रोशन करती
सूरज की दमकार हो तुम। 

किन शब्दों में दूँ परिभाषा?
नारी तुम हो सबकी आशा। 

ममता का सम्मान हो तुम
संस्कारों की जान हो तुम
स्नेह, प्यार और त्याग की
इकलौती पहचान हो तुम। 

किन शब्दों में दूँ परिभाषा?
नारी तुम हो सबकी आशा। 

कभी कोमल फूल गुलाब सी
कभी शक्ति के अवतार सी
नारी तेरे रूप अनेक
तू ईश्वर के चमत्कार सी। 

किन शब्दों में दूँ परिभाषा?
नारी तुम हो सबकी आशा। 

Monika Jain 'पंछी'

17/12/2017 - नोट : सामान्यीकरण के रूप में रचनाओं में अतिशयोक्ति है और नारी पर अनावश्यक काल्पनिक भार डाला गया है। वह एक इंसान है और उसे सबसे पहले एक इंसान ही होना चाहिए। उसके बाद व्यक्तिगत स्तर पर हर किसी के लिए बेहतरी का मार्ग खुला है। वर्तमान में इन रचनाओं से खुद को वैचारिक तौर पर बहुत अधिक सम्बद्ध नहीं पाती। 

April 8, 2012

Ways to be Happy, Pursuit of Happiness Quotes in English

Pursuit of Happiness Quotes or Ways to be Happy

All of us want to be happy in life but we lack happiness because we link our happiness only with material goods and high achievements. Fulfillment of these desires bring happiness but for a little time. Because fulfillment of one desire generate a new one desire and it goes on. So happiness is not much to do with material things and achievements. Money beyond our basic needs doesn't guarantee to make us happy. In fact above basic needs happiness totally depends on quality of our thoughts. So only improving our attitude towards life will increase our happiness permanently. As happiness is not relevant with what you are. It depends on how you think. Here I am telling you some ways to improve quality of our thoughts :  
  • The first and foremost happiness is our health so be as healthy as you can.
  • Generally a person can't be happy all the time. So let your emotions come out. We have them for a reason.
  • Search for happiness is step towards unhappiness. Happiness resides in the soul.
  • Happiness is not destiny. It's a decision. Be determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation you find yourself. You can't buy happiness, It’s always within yourself. 
  • The attitude of forgiveness literally heals our heart. Forgiveness gives us a sense of relief. It lowers our stress level. When we forgive someone we release ourself from captivity of stressful thoughts. So have an attitude of forgiveness. 
  • Material things can make you feel better but they can never give you company in your sadness, fear, loneliness and depression. So determine your priorities carefully. 
  • Don't be sad for what you don't have. Just try to get it with a positive attitude and always live happily with what you have. 
  • Forget about the dark past with lessons and just ignore the things which are not in your control. Make your mistakes your motivator. Live in present and think positively about the future. If a man can control his mind. He can find the ways to happiness. 
  • Completely Involve yourself but at the same time be detached. Detachment is the key to peace and happiness. 
  • Happiness has nothing to do with perfection. Its looking beyond the imperfections. 
  • Bring happiness on other's face. It will bloom doubled on your face :) 
  • Don't compare your happiness with others because relative happiness is fake. Comparison brings the feeling of jealousy and jealousy is the enemy of happiness. Jealousy is a disease so get rid of jealousy to bring happiness. 
  • Don't count your troubles...count your joys. Start focusing on how blessed you are instead of thinking about your troubles. 
  • Leave your comfort zone and take risks. Do something you have never done. You will definitely feel lively. Always keep your childhood alive. 
  • Have self confidence and believe in yourself. You will definitely achieve what you want to achieve. 
  • Love unconditionally and plan small small surprises for your loved ones in daily life. It will keep your relation always lively and strong and a good strong relation is the key of happiness. 
  • Forming of friendship based on mutual interest and faith makes the difference. So make friends who share your interest. Also stay close to your friends and family and have quality relations with them. 
  • Be grateful towards all the good things and good persons you have in your life. 
  • Love the people. Accept them as they are. But accepting doesn’t always mean having a relation. If a person in your life negatively influence you and drag you down in any way then make a distance. True friends are those who always motivate you for betterment. 
  • Happiness may forget you but you never forget happiness. 
  • Welcome the change. Don't afraid of it. Be courageous. 
  • Be truthful and honest. Because the person who lies always have a fear to be caught and can't have peace in his/her life and we all know honesty is the best policy. 
  • To give is more pleasurable than to receive so give charities to needy ones and give small gifts to your friends. 
  • Be kind towards all. Love all the creatures and have a helping nature. 
  • Develop some hobbies like reading books, writing, gardening and stay close to nature. 
  • Adapt your surroundings and get best out of it. 
  • Plan your actions. Don’t plan the result. 
  • Don't take a path just because others are choosing it. Listen to your heart. Choose the path that best suits you. 
  • Do the right things, no matter what other people think. 
  • The only person who can make you happy is you yourself. So don't depend on others for your happiness. Create it within yourself. Have least expectations from others. 
  • You can't always control the happenings and circumstances around you. You can only control your attitude towards whatever happens. So have a positive attitude towards everything. A positive attitude may not solve all the problems but it can guarantee happiness. 
  • Last but not least : Always keep smiling. :)

Monika Jain ‘Panchhi’

April 7, 2012

Save Girl Child Poem in English


Let Me Live

Let me live
Let me bloom
Let me shine like beautiful moon.

Let me come and see this world
Let me fly like beautiful bird.

Don't be so cruel oh selfish!
Let me swim like colorful fish.

Listen my cry
Listen my screams
Let me fulfill my wishes and dreams.

Let me see this beautiful earth
Please don't kill me before my birth.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


Let The Buds Bloom

Let the buds bloom
Let them spread their sweet odor
Stop killing them now
Let them come on your floor.

If you will pluck the buds
From where you will get flowers?
How will you find your daughter in law
If you will kill your girls?

By worshipping so many goddess 
You are called an adorer.
But where the hell your devotion goes
When you kill your daughter?

Don't throttle the tiny buds
Let them show their guts
One day they will bloom like flowers
and Will become the glory of this earth.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

April 6, 2012

Poem on Happiness in English


Happiness is Near

The ultimate goal of life is happiness
that we all want to achieve
But for the sake of finding happiness
how many people we deceive?

Our dreams are very big
with a great personality outside
But it’s our misfortune
that we have a narrow mentality inside.

Getting pleasure from the self-fulfillment
It's merely an illusion
As true happiness resides
only in renunciation.

In the search of happiness
we are hurting our brothers
But the real pleasure we can get
only by helping others.

Jealousy, hatred, dishonesty
that poisons our life will disappear
When we will involve ourselves
in charitable works and welfare.

Forget the past, live in present,
think positively for the future
Be kinds to all
and love all the creatures.

True happiness is not bought
by treasures of gold and silver
Just look inside you
May be happiness is near.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is not materialistic
In order to find happiness
We must be optimistic.

Happiness can come and go
just like seasons
Let your emotions come out
as you have them for a reason.

Everything happened in past
has happened for a reason
It happened so that
you can become a better person.

So learn from your experiences
and take the good from them all
Be able to adapt your surroundings
and get the best out of all.

Don’t count your troubles
count your joys
With a positive attitude
live happily with what you have.

Be grateful towards
the good persons and good things in your life
Situations which are not in your control
put them aside.

As happiness is not something
we can buy or take
Happiness is a choice
we all have the power to make.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


I can be Happy

My dream is to be happy in my life
but how I can cut a stone with a knife?
I want myself to move forward
but a thief can ever get reward?

How I can forget all the things
especially that I am a cling?
I am always left under the cloak of darkness
while others live in sky of sparkness.

I have heard about fear
but can a deaf hear?
I want to become love’s carver
but can you make from ash a paper?

I want myself to be good
but hearts of other are like wood.
If all says that these things are impossible
then how can my dream be possible?

But I can say my dream is possible
because impossible also says that I am possible.
Thus I can be happy in my life
and can try to cut a stone with a knife.

Aditi Tripathi
Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

We all want a happy life without difficulties and sufferings. But problems, difficulties and sufferings all are part of life. They will remain till the last breath of our life. So instead of thinking too much about the things which are not in our control, we should learn to be happy in each and every situation. And the things and situations we can easily change should be changed for the sake of our happiness. We should stop doing things that make us unhappy. When happiness will be our priority, then only we can be happy in our life forever.

April 5, 2012

Women's Day (Empowerment) Poem in English


You are a Woman

Symbol of Love
World of happiness
Soul of values
Identity of gentleness

You are a woman, known for greatness.

Miracle of God
Remains anonymous
Tender and soft
Indeed magnanimous

You are a woman, very generous.

Delicate outside
Strong inside
Quiet sometimes
and Loud at times

You are a woman, who can't be defined.

Caring and loving
Full of dedication
Known for sacrifice
Full of compassion

You are a woman, no need to mention.

Epitome of strength
Fountain of life
Brings joy to others and
Light that guides

You are a woman, shines in the darkest of nights.

Unique creator
to beautify the world
Mystery of god
A beautiful word

You are a woman, perfume of the world.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


I am an Endangered Species

Yeah, I am an endangered species
on this earth
Because I am murdered
before my birth.

The whole country is discussing
about my empowerment
But I am not safe
even in my apartment.

Women's court are being made
to give me justice
But from my childhood
I am taught to live with injustice.

Laws are being reformed
for my safety
But the real need is to reform
this male dominated society.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


I Believe

I believe in marriage
But for certifying my marriage
I don't believe in carrying
any symbol of marriage.

Daughters should get
equal rights in property
But there should be no transaction
in the name of dowry.

Everyone wants
the long life of her husband
But fasting for such purpose
I don't recommend.

Apparel should be dignified
But after marriage
tradition of wearing only sari
should be denied.

Joint family, love and relations
I believe in sacrifice and dedication
But I don't believe in carrying
all the unnecessary traditions.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

Women are the most beautiful creation of nature. They give life to the world. They are real architect of the society. Life has no existence without a woman in every stage of life. They are cute daughters, sweet sisters, lovely wives, loving mom and adorable friends. They are loving, caring and wonderful. Beauty of a woman resides in her willingness to listen, patience to understand, strength to support, heart to care and always be there. A woman can draw strength from troubles and smile during distress. Women are like insurmountable energy of sun. They are like coolness in breeze and divinity in the lightning. They are strong, beautiful, compassionate, thoughtful, sensitive and symbol of modesty. They are healing for the whole humanity. Women are just amazing.

April 4, 2012

Poem on Morning in English


Say Bye to Night

Fight with dark
Step towards light
Welcome the new dawn
Say bye to night.

Illuminate every house
Remove despair
Communicate hopes and
Wipes out tears.

Bring happiness to each face
Educate the entire human race
Cut the snare of unemployment
Fill every heart with encouragement.

Remove the corruption
Kill the terrorism
Boycott the racism
and Spread humanism.

Spread our fame and glory
in the whole world
Make our country again
a golden bird.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


Morning Scene

The awakened sun emerging through the hazy sky
Birds making the scene beautiful with their flight.

The melodious chirping of birds
seems to welcome the sun with their sweet notes.

Sweet perfume of fragrant flowers of many colors
Dew drops on petals look like beautiful pearls.

With the light of shining sun the sea gleams
The soft gentle breeze kisses my cheeks.

Grass smells so nice and feel so soft
Sweet vapors rise from the earth.

Innocent buds, fresh flowers, trees are looking kind
Serene is the dawn, calm mind.

I am in love with this morning scene
Finer, fragrant, cool and clean.

Monika Jain ‘Panchhi’

April 3, 2012

Poem on Social Issues in English


Please Awake

Growing Corruption
Rising Inflation
Increasing Violation
Decreasing Sensation

This is what we are giving to our new generation.

Fear of terrorism
Tears of racism
Near to Vulgarism
Mere Communalism

This is how we are losing our idealism.

Humanity is dying
God is crying
Everyone is lying
Values are drying

This is the way we are making our life annoying.

Relations are fake
Bite like snake
Give and Take
Otherwise break

Before losing everything please awake.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


Let’s be the Golden Bird

Let us rip the darkness
Let us step in shine
Let us depart the night and
Let us bring new dawn.

Let us illuminate every house
Let us remove despair
Let us communicate hopes
and wipes out everyone’s tears.

Let us remove discrimination
Let us shoot the starvation
Let us cut the trap of corruption
Let us kill the superstitions.

Let us rise above the races
Let us love all human faces
Let us defeat the terrorism
Let us embrace the humanism.

Let us bring happiness to each face
Educate the entire human race
Let us cut the snare of unemployment
Fill every heart with encouragement.

Let us live in harmony with nature
Let us save trees and creatures
Let us bring progress in agriculture
and foster the best in our culture.

Let us put all differences aside
United we stay in time of strife
Let us bring quality in our life
In every field win glory and pride

Let us fly like fearless bird
Let us shine in the whole world
Let us be that golden bird
by which we were known in the world.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

There was a time when India was considered a ‘golden bird’ because of its vast natural resources, rich cultural heritage and vast knowledge in every aspect of life. India gave to the world great saints, scholars, thinkers, artists and soldiers. But Today the overall picture of our country is very depressing. Working of democracy is not satisfactory. Poverty, unemployment, corruption, terrorism, racism, inflation etc are the major problems of our country. It’s our duty to make India a developed country with no negative system or ideas or beliefs.

April 2, 2012

Poem on Success in English

Life is a struggle. So one should be prepared to deal with these obstacles. Remain confident and keep fighting till the last breath. This is the only way that leads to success.


You will Win the Race

Everyone wants successful life
But very few people achieve that height.

Determination has the major role
It can help to achieve your goal.

For success it's necessary to know yourself
Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help.

Polish your strengths and overcome your shortcomings
It will help you to achieve everything.

Be focused and have confidence
It's very necessary to have patience.

Have the courage and make your ways
Then you will win the race always.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


There'll be a Day

Chapter of this struggle will come to an end
His attacks will be worst If you'll fend.

There's always a bright sun behind a dark night
There'll be chance to win only if you'll fight.

Don't fear from the word of failure
If you decide it success will be sure.

Never think to kill your single dream
Always think that you are the supreme.

Live only in this world to be on the top
To reach on the cliff never kill your hope.

Take a sip of your tears If you feel thirst
No one will consider you If you aren't first.

Winning is not so hard, you are capable for it
If you lose, only you are responsible for it.

There will be a spate of happiness in your path
In the rain of pleasure, you will take a bath.

For this, there is a condition to follow
You'll have to forget all of your sorrow.

Thereafter you can dive in river of pleasure
Which is filled with joy, you'll find that treasure.

I Hope you'll shove your fears far away
For your success, everyone will pray.

In this light you will find a right way
And you'll be winner, there'll be a day.

Malendra Kumar


I am Innocent

Why don't you believe me
Let me free now leave me.

I can't be what you want
I wanna be, what I want.

Never think that I can't
I won't lose a single chance.

One day you'll feel proud on me
Will salute me, one day it will be.

One day I'll win, you will see
You'll need shadow, and I'll be your tree.

With my wings one day I'll fly
There will be mine feet over sky.

I will write then a history
There will be only mine victory.

Will melt each n every sorrow's snow
As I used to swim against the flow.

Seat of the winner, I'll reserve it
In battles, success and victory, I deserve it.

Don't leave me in cage to rust
I am innocent please trust
I am innocent please trust.

Malendra Kumar

26/11/2017 - Note : These are old creations. since long, not concerned with competition and getting material success. Winning our internal enemies is always better than external success. Well, all these are part of the journey of life and necessary to some extent. As we grow we understand what is more essential for inner peace and pleasure.

April 1, 2012

Essay on Corruption in Hindi

नेतागिरी का कॉलेज

चुनावों का मौसम था। हर रोज कुर्सी के लिए खड़े होने वालों का ताँता लगा रहता था। चेहरे नये-नये होते पर वोट माँगने का तरीका सभी का एक सा था। हाथ जोड़कर कोई गली में नया हैंडपंप लगाने की कहता तो कोई नयी सड़क बनवाने का आश्वासन देता, तो कोई कुछ और...

ये सब देखकर एक दिन मुझे बचपन के स्कूल की एक बात याद आई। एक बार हमारी अध्यापिका ने सभी बच्चों से प्रश्न पूछा था, ‘आप सभी बड़े होकर क्या बनोगे?’ कुछ ने इंजीनियर कहा, कुछ ने डॉक्टर कहा, कुछ ने टीचर आदि। पर एक बच्चे ने जवाब दिया, ‘मैं बड़ा होकर नेता बनूंगा।’ उस वक्त तो सारी क्लास हंस पड़ी थी पर आज मैं सोचती हूँ कितना समझदार बच्चा था वह।

पूरी जिंदगी कंप्यूटर के सामने बैठे-बैठे आँखे अन्दर धंस जाती है पर फिर भी हमारे इंजीनियर साहब नेताजी जितना पैसा नहीं कमा पाते। CA की पढ़ाई करते-करते ही सर के आधे बाल उड़ जाते है पर कोई भी CA नेताजी से प्रतिस्पर्धा नहीं कर सकता। पहले जानवरों और फिर इंसान की चीड़-फाड़ करने वाले चिकित्सक संवेदना रहित हो जाते है...मरीजों से मनमाना धन वसूलते हैं पर हमारे नेताजी से पीछे ही रह जाते हैं। क्योंकि हमारे राजनेता तो बिना कोई डिग्री लिए, बिना कोई परीक्षा पास किये चारे और कोयले जैसी चीजों से भी करोड़ों रुपये कमा लेते हैं। धन्य है हमारे नेताजी!

निराशा के कुछ भाव मेरे चहरे पर उभरे क्योंकि नेता बनने के लिए या तो हत्या, घोटाला जैसे कुछ अपराध खाते में होने चाहिए या फिर पापा-मम्मी, दादा-दादी, परदादा-परदादी आदि में से कोई नेतागिरी में होना ही चाहिए। ऐसे में हम जैसे सामान्य इंसान तो नेता बनने के बारे में सोच भी नहीं सकते क्योंकि हमारे दादा-दादी ने तो कभी स्टेज पर खड़े होकर दो पंक्तियाँ तक नहीं बोली...नेता बनना तो दूर की बात है और हत्या खून का तो नाम सुनते ही हम थर-थर कांपने लगते है ऐसे में नेता बनना हम जैसे लोगों के लिए तो दिवा स्वप्न मात्र है।

काश! नेता बनने के लिए भी एक कॉलेज होता और पाठ्यक्रम कुछ इस तरह होते :

BP - Bachelor of Politics
MP - Master of Politics.

मैं सोचने लगी...कैसा होता नेतागिरी का कॉलेज?

कोर्स के नाम तो सोच लिए पर अध्यापक कौन होते? नेतागिरी नेताजी से ज्यादा अच्छी कोई नहीं पढ़ा सकता पर हमारे नेता तो कितने भी बूढ़े हो जाये सेवानिवृत्ति का नाम तक नहीं लेते ऐसे में भावी नेताओं की क्लासेज कौन लेगा? पर तभी ख़याल आया कि हमारे नेताजी ठाले ही तो बैठे रहते हैं। उद्घाटन और रिबन काटने के अलावा करते भी क्या हैं सो एक-एक पीरियड का समय तो निकाल ही लेंगे।

टीचर्स की समस्या भी दूर हो गयी पर विषय क्या-क्या होते और क्लासेज किस-किस की होती? मैं सोचती हूँ पहली क्लास होती ‘Indian Constitute and Law’ की जिसमे भारत का संविधान, कानून, नीति निर्देशक तत्त्व, मूल अधिकार, मूल कर्त्तव्य आदि के बारे में पढ़ाया जाता। अब कोई नेताजी तो ये क्लास लेने से रहे इसके लिए तो किसी सेवानिवृत्त न्यायाधीश को ही नियुक्त करना पड़ता। इसमें कोई दो राय नहीं कि इस कक्षा में उपस्थित होने वाले छात्रों की संख्या सबसे कम होती क्योंकि सुबह-सुबह अपनी नींद ख़राब करके हमारे देश के नौनिहाल इस थ्योरी क्लास को तो अटेंड करने से रहे। वही होता जो सब कॉलेजेज में होता है। परीक्षा के दिनों में इधर-उधर से नोट्स कबाड़ लेते और पर्चे के एक दिन पहले पढ़ लेते। चलो इसी बहाने फोटोस्टेट वाले भाईसाहब की अच्छी कमाई हो जाती है।

ये तो बात हुई पहली क्लास की। अब दूसरी क्लास मेरे ख्याल से होती ‘Divide and Rule’ की जिसमें फूट डालो-राज करो के नए-नए रचनात्मक तरीके सिखाए जाते और हमारे नेताजी तो इस विषय में पारंगत है ही पर फिर भी कभी कभी कोई गेस्ट लेक्चर लेने के लिए इंग्लैंड से किसी अधिकारी को बुला लिया जाता। आखिर Divide and Rule के दम पर ही 200 साल तक उन्होंने हम पर राज किया।

अगली क्लास होती ‘Demand and Supply of Votes’ की। इस क्लास में बताया जाता कैसे जनता को उनकी मांगें पूरी करने के दिलासे देकर और आरक्षण जैसी नयी-नयी मांगें पैदा करके वोट्स पाए जा सकते हैं और अगर इससे काम न चले तो कैसे दारु, पैसे आदि की पूर्ति करके वोट्स अपनी मुट्ठी में कैद किये जा सकते हैं।

और भी कई क्लासेज हो सकती है जैसे :
  • How To Fight In Parliament?
  • When To Transfer From One Party To Another? 
  • How To Present Effective Speech Containing Big-Big Promises? 
  • When To Use Other Sources Like : Rath Yatra etc.
पर अब जिस क्लास के बारे में मैं बताने जा रही हूँ वो सबसे रोचक क्लास होती और मुझे पूरा विश्वास है कि इस क्लास की उपस्थिति शत % होती और सबसे ज्यादा विद्वान शिक्षक भी इसी क्लास के लिए मिलते। कोई अनुमान? चलो, मैं ही बता देती हूँ। ये क्लास होती घोटाले की क्लास! मुस्कराहट आ गयी ना सबके चहरे पर।

चारा घोटाला, कोयला घोटाला, स्पेक्ट्रम घोटाला, जमीन घोटाला...और भी घोटाले के कौन-कौन से क्षेत्र हो सकते है और किस तरह भ्रष्टाचार को बखूबी अंजाम दिया जा सकता है इस विषय पर शोध और चिंतन इस क्लास का अहम् मुद्दा रहेगा।

घोटाले की क्लास के बारे में सोच ही रही थी तभी दरवाजे की घंटी बजी। दरवाजा खोला तो देखा एक और नेताजी हाथ जोड़कर वोट मांगने आये थे।

Monika Jain 'पंछी'