August 4, 2012

Poem on Eyes in Hindi

नैन परिंदे

नैन परिंदे भर उड़ान पहुँच गए आकाश
मतवाले पगले ये नैना जाने करते क्या तलाश। 

इन्द्रधनुष से रंग चुराकर ख़्वाब सजाये सपनीले
बदरा संग खेले आँख-मिचौनी ये दो नैन सजीले। 

बदरा से बरसी बूंदे, धरती की प्यास बुझाये 
सूखे रह गए मेरे नैना, जाने किसकी आस लगाये। 

सांझ का काजल भर अंखियन में करते है श्रृंगार 
रस्ता देखे जाने किसका, ना चैन ना करार। 

रात को टिमटिम तारों से करते ये हंसी-ठिठोली
पर चंदा से नज़र चुराए ये दोनों हमजोली। 

शायद चंदा दिखलाता वो ही अनजाना चहरा
फिर हर पल यादों पे हो जाता उस अनजाने का पहरा। 

Monika Jain 'पंछी'

August 3, 2012

Essay on Humanity in English

Humanity : The Best Religion

Humanity : the only religion that can make this world worth living as the religions we are following today are not serving their real purpose. Religions today are developing as a business and for some people religions are just a product to sell and to market. Spreading love and peace and bringing us closer to ourselves and to God should be the purpose of a religion but instead of uniting religions today are dividing us. Even a single religion has so many divisions.The attachment to a particular religion makes an individual narrow minded and prejudiced towards others and thus keep him away from the truth. Because of his attachment to a particular religion doesn't allow himself to be a liberal and an open minded person. Religious extremists are destroying our peace, freedom and happiness. We should understand what the religion originally desire from us. The essence of all the religions is humanity and we all should practice only humanity to serve the real purpose of all the religions.

Man is not the creation of these religions but religions are created by man. The truth is that all the living beings and our human body is the constituent of five elements kept alive by heat and light. Our source is one and our destination is one. Thus why to adopt different paths? Why to pursue different ideologies?

The best thing about humanity is that it can unite all, whether they are atheists or theists. Love, peace, happiness and God (atheist can replace god with good) all are within us so we don't need to search it anywhere. If we will sow the seeds of love, peace and happiness we will reap tons of love, peace and happiness. A person should not bother himself for the existence of God. One should become a good human being first then it won't matter whether he/she believe in god or not.

I find many people who are full of pride, anger, jealousy, cruelty are also engaged in spiritual pursuits. Most of these worship god to attain materialistic success and some of them have a false notion that ritualistic worship would give them the license to do whatever they like. Such people are not religious at all.

A selfish man who always care for himself, his family, his religion and party can never become impartial, open minded and well wisher of others. Such a man is not useful and advantageous to the humanity in general. I saw some people who don't give food to dogs or poor and search for cows. May be their religion prefers the needs of cows over dogs and humans. I can never understand the logic behind this.

In some religions innocent animals are killed in the name of 'bali'. I can never understand how killing can make god happy. But when you follow humanity all the living beings are alike for you. Humanity is about equality, well wishing of all and selfless thinking. Humanity not only take us closest to god it also helps us in our personal growth.

No religion is greater than humanity. So let's embrace humanity and begin a new way of life full of love, peace and happiness.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

August 2, 2012

Raksha Bandhan Essay in English (Rakhi Celebration Ideas)

Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) Celebration Ideas

Raksha Bandhan is the indian festival of celebrating bond between brothers and sisters. On this occasion sisters tie rakhi on the wrist of their brothers and pray for the happiness, long life and success of their brothers and brothers take the responsibility of protecting their sisters. This sacred thread of rakhi is considered even stronger than the iron chain. It’s the sign of love and trust between siblings. So how are you going to celebrate this rakhi? This festival is an occasion to make your relation stronger and lively with your siblings and can add some beautiful moments in your life. So don't celebrate this festival as a formality but it should be an unforgettable celebration. Here I am telling you some ideas to make the rakhi celebrations special for your family and siblings.
  • What can be better than a handmade rakhi greeting card and a handmade rakhi thread. If your brother is a kid then you can use cartoon figures to decorate the cards and rakhi threads. Write some thoughtful and cute messages on the greeting card and decorate it with beads, images, glitter and colorful flower pictures.
  • You can prepare a special unique dish for your brother/sister on this occasion. Prepare delicious cuisine and sweets keeping in mind the taste and choice of your brother/Sister or can take your siblings to a restaurant and have a grand lunch and dinner party. 
  • You can celebrate rakhi with your relatives and can plan a small function and fill it with enjoyment by dancing, playing games, cracking jokes, singing songs etc. You can also plan a family picnic or a family movie and dinner. 
  • Without gifts we can't imagine a festival so choose a special unique gift for your brother or sister. You need not to buy an expensive gift beyond your budget but it should be straight from your heart because your feelings behind the gift are much more important than the price of the gift. For your kid brother you can choose games, toys, chocolates and cute kids wears and for elders brother you can choose shirts, watches, mobiles, perfumes, portfolio bags, jackets, wallets, belts, ties, cufflinks and a nice novel if he is fond of reading. For your kid sister you can buy cute teddy bears, chocolates, barbie dolls and cute kids wears and for elder sister you can go for jewelry items like rings, bracelet, anklet, earrings, necklaces, fancy tops etc. If there is anything your sibling has been planning to purchase for a long time but not managed to purchase it yet then it’s a better day to surprise him/her by making his/her wish come true. 
  • You can make a photo collage of your childhood memories with your brother or sister. Gift it to your sibling and see the expressions of his/her face. You can also make a video of the beautiful childhood moments captured in photos. 
  • Wear a traditional outfit on this occasion. You can also gift a unique traditional outfit to your sister or brother. Ask them to wear it then celebrate the whole day with joy and happiness. 
  • In today's busy life festivals bring the moments of happiness in our life. So these festivals should be celebrated in such a way that can leave remarkable and unforgettable impressions on the mind of our loved ones. I wish this festival of Raksha Bandhan will bring lots of happiness in your family. Wish you all a very Happy Rakhi :)

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

August 1, 2012

How to Heal a Broken Heart (in English)

How to Heal a Broken Heart

How the heart feels when it is broken by someone? You may feel your life is meaningless. You no longer feel any joy with your family, friends and hobbies. But this is not the end. Here I’m telling you some steps to heal your broken heart and come out of your pain.
  • Our heart suffers mostly because of the attachment we have with the one we love most. So try to detach with the person who broke your heart. Detachment with that person will surely lead to peace and happiness.
  • Checking his/her facebook wall or taking information about him/her from your mutual friends won't make you feel good. So instead of doing this create the list of the activities that make you feel good and involve yourself in such activities. 
  • Till now she/he was your world but now create a new world of new friends who don't know him/her. You can find these friends in hobby classes, libraries, clubs, blog etc. 
  • Jogging, exercising, meditation, yoga, walking all will affect you in a positive ways. 
  • Erase everything related with him/her. Erasing his/her gifts, pictures, messages etc won't erase your memories associated with him/her but it will surely help you in getting out of your pain. 
  • Whenever you start thinking of him/her just say stop and focus on different things and activities. You should develop some hobbies like reading books, writing diary, dancing, sketching, painting, singing etc. 
  • Share your feelings and pain with your close and true friends. Don't hold the pain in your heart. Cry if you want to cry. 
  • Forgive the one who broke your heart because forgiveness will surely release yourself from the captivity of negative and stressful thoughts. Forget and forgive and do a fresh beginning of your life. 
  • Involve yourself in helping the needy ones. Because when you think about the pain of others and try to help them you forget about your pain. 
  • There are many other important things in life than romantic love. So use this opportunity to nurture your friends, family and self. 
  • Think about the positive sides of your break up. 
  • You can't change your past but you can learn from your mistakes. Never repeat these mistakes. 
  • Do one favor with yourself whenever you think about the good things and memories of your relationship also think about the bad memories and bad things he/she did with yourself. It will help in detaching yourself with him/her. 
  • Alter your pain in something very constructive and good things. You can pen down your pain in form of poems, songs, drawings, stories etc. 
  • When you feel you are ready to open your heart again then move on and find someone else to be with.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'