November 2, 2012

Poem on Child Labour in English

Save Childhood

Today I saw a child working in a hotel

In my childhood
I used to get food in shining pots
How those dishes were shining
that I never thought.

For me labour was just
to carry my bag to school
and Get tired of playing
with my dudes.

My mom taught
Fruits of labour are so sweet
But for me
Labor was just to read.

I wish that every child
gets pure childhood
Children don't have to work
for their livelihood.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

The issue of child labour is immoral and inhumane but in poor families every member has to work for his/her food. Little children instead of enjoying their school and games have to work to earn money. We can see such children at tea stalls, small restaurants, in mechanic shops, cleaning cars and working as shoeshines and in industries like match making, candle making etc. Child labour is a problem that can not be dealt only by making it illegal. This law is not able to fill the hungry stomachs of the poors. No child does this labour for fun. It is their necessity not the choice which make them work. So to stop child labour there is a need to provide basic necessities to these poor families and to make the education free and compulsory for each and every child. Childhood is the most beautiful and innocent phase in human life. But many children are losing their childhood for the sake of their livelihood. Measures need to be taken to stop this crime against these children.

22/11/2017 - Note : This is my old poem. I want to add something. The exploitation of children by too much labor is absolutely wrong. I didn't do much indoor/outdoor work in my childhood but today i can do all general things/tasks perfectly. But it doesn't happen in case of every child. That's why children (boy and girl both) should do little indoor and outdoor work since childhood. Till they grows they should know doing all general tasks. It's necessary for their overall development and for making them self dependent. It will also easy for them to help old and needy people and they won't be careless and upset at the time of necessity

November 1, 2012

Poem on Feelings and Emotions in English

Sky Dwells in Heart

Sky dwells in heart
Shows different castes.

Clouds of pain rain sometimes
Stars of joy twinkle at times.

Sometimes fog covers the heart
At times light shoos the dark.

Birds of dreams fly with wings
Sometimes frustration too pings.

Sometimes pleasant air flows
At time windstorm blows.

Sometimes rainbow spread colors
At times problems make them blurred.

Up and downs are part of life
In all the odds we should survive.

Whether sorrow or enjoyment
None of these are permanent.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'