March 14, 2013

Poem on Loneliness in Hindi


तुम नाराज हो

तुम नाराज हो तो लगता है जैसे
सृष्टि का कण-कण रूठा है मुझसे
तुम्हारा कुछ भी न बोलना
पसरा हो चहुँ ओर कोई सन्नाटा जैसे
चाहते नहीं अब तुम कुछ भी सुनना
और ख़ामोशी सी ठहर गयी है मेरे लबों पे जैसे
कुछ ही दिनों की है यह पहचान
पर टूटा है सालों का रिश्ता कोई जैसे।

तुम पर बेअसर रही मेरी सब बातें
दिन भी बन गए हैं अब सन्नाटों भरी रातें
तुम्हारी यादों के भँवर में खोयी
हँसते-हँसते रो पड़ती है मेरी आँखें।

हर चेहरे में, हर किताब में
हर शब्द में और हर बात में
ये मन बस तुझे ही तलाशता है 
जितनी शिद्दत से मूर्तिकार कोई 
अपनी मूर्ति को तराशता है।

तुम जितने गए उससे ज्यादा रह गए
खुशियों की जगह आँसू बनकर बह गए
फिजाओं में, घटाओं  में हर जगह बस तुम ही हो
फिर भी कितनी तन्हा हूँ मैं
कि यहाँ होकर भी तुम अब तुम ना हो।

Monika Jain ‘पंछी’


मैं फिर अकेली रह गयी

आयी जब मेरे जीवन में
घनघोर मुश्किलों की आंधी
थम सा गया मेरा जीवन
पर तुझको बढ़ना था साथी।  
तू बढ़ा और मैं रिश्ते के
टूटे टुकड़े चुनती रही  
मैं फिर अकेली रह गयी।

तेरे रंगीन सपने थे
मेरे गम मेरे अपने थे
हर गम में साथ निभाने के
तेरे वादे बिखरने थे।  
इन झूठे वादों के सच को
मैं तलाश करती रही  
मैं फिर अकेली रह गयी।

बिन तेरे मैं जी न पाऊं
इतनी मैं कमजोर नहीं
पर तुझको मैं भूल ही जाऊं
दिल मेरा इतना चोर नहीं।  
तेरी यादों की आंधी में
अब तक मैं बहती रही  
मैं फिर अकेली रह गयी।

Monika Jain 'पंछी'

Feel free to add your views about these poems reflecting the emotions and feelings of loneliness.

March 2, 2013

Poem on Farmer in English

The Real Hero

Who grows gold from the soil
Who is provider of food to all
Whether it’s sun, cold or rain
No one can stop that man.

Clouds write whose destiny
Who is deceived by the brokers
Still who fills the stomach of all
True son of earth, The Farmer!

The sun showers fire
and Sweat flows from his body
Earth burns like coal
But he moves on steady.

Even when the harvest is good
He doesn’t get the benefit
He gives life to all
But he doesn’t have sufficient to eat.

He is born in debt and lives in debt
He dies in debt, a cruel fact.
His life is full of problems and pain
But he is patient, who never complain.

Flood and famine destroy his crops
But he always keeps alive his hopes.
Let we try his efforts won’t be in vain
He deserve best that he should gain.

He is the real hero of our nation
Hard work and honesty is his only possession.
It’s the duty of our government
to give him utmost attention.

Monika Jain ‘Panchhi’

The above poem tells us about the importance and the struggling life of the Indian Farmer. Farmer is the backbone of the society. He plays an important role in the economy of the country. He is the giver of food to all, still he lives life of poverty. It’s a shame for our country. Farmers should be provided all the facilities as they are the most deserving people. The prosperity of farmers means the prosperity of nation. So for the overall development of the country and for the economic equality farmers should be given utmost attention by the government.

March 1, 2013

Poem on Village Life in English

Touch of a Village

Many years have been passed
Since I came from village to city
But I couldn't find anywhere
The touch of a village and its simplicity.

Affection is scattered in each particle of village
Loneliness is eating in the crowd of city
Childhood resides in the soil of village
But it's lost in the flare of city.

The sunlight of village is cool
But the shed of city is making us fool
The sweat of village smells nice
Whereas the fragrance of perfumes tell lies.

Sweet song of the birds
Whistle of the squirrels
Beauty of the rising sun
Gentle breeze and blossoming flowers.

Village life is full of divine beauty
There are no smoke and noise of city
No hustle bustle and no worry
Villages are happy and healthy

Villagers share joy and sorrow of each other
Guest of one is considered as the guest of another
In Spite of some drawbacks
Than the city, life of a village is better.

I wish I could return back to the village
To feel that touch again
I wish I could sleep in the shed of banyan tree
To get that peace and happiness again.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

Village life is the most natural life for the human beings. It’s very plain and simple. Cattle lowing, birds singing, the greenery of the fields, the flowing of the rivers all adds charm to the village life. Villages bring a divine touch in the human mind. Villagers have few wants in their life. They are very hardworking. Villagers are very loving, helpful and honest. The entire village appears to be a single well knit unit one family. I love the village life. Feel free to add your views about this poem on village life.