June 23, 2013

Poem on Flood in Hindi


ये बाढ़ के पानी की प्यास 
पी गयी है ना जाने कितनों को 
और प्रकृति का ये कहर 
लील गया है जाने कितने सपनों को। 

मंज़र ये तबाही का
अब देखा नहीं जाता 
ऐ बादल, क्यूँ इतना सारा 
पानी तू है बरसाता? 

खैर! दोष और शिकायत का 
ये वक्त नहीं है 
यहाँ भी राजनीति की रोटियां सेकना 
कहाँ तक सही है?

मुश्किलों में जो फंसे हैं 
उन्हें सहने की शक्ति मिल सके 
हर संभव मदद हमारी 
उन लोगों तक पहुँच सके। 

ज़िंदगी कोई ना खोये 
कोशिश बस ये करनी होगी 
आपसी सहयोग और एकता से ही 
अब ये मुश्किल हल होगी। 

Monika Jain 'पंछी'

June 17, 2013

Poem on Rainy Season in English

Rain is one of the most romantic thing in this world. Rainy Season is refreshing, relaxing, natural and pure. The beats of raindrops, smell of wet soil, thundering clouds, gusty wind all create the perfect ambiance for making love. Getting wet in rain, humming rain songs, dancing with your partner, romantic movie and candlelight dinner all are the perfect ways to spend monsoon days. But for the one who is separated from his/her lover this season brings lots of memories, sadness, pain and wishes.

First Rain with My Pal

These raindrops are
not just water droplets
They contain those love moments
that I can never forget.

Their touch on my eyes
in this beautiful weather
Awaking those dreams
that we saw together.

The smell of this wet soil
pouring out my desires
So writing a poem
to paint this shower.

The sound of this soft rain
falling on the ground
To whisper in my ears
I wish you were around.

Gentle breeze is blowing
and touching my face
Making me remember
your warm embrace.

To erase my sorrow
and wash away my pain
I wish I could dance
with you in this rain.

Thundering storm
and gusty breeze
Wish you were here
to listen my heartbeats.

I want your arms
to hold me close
and Kiss the raindrops
on my nose.

The music of this rain
is touching my soul
Wish I could see
this first rain with my pal.

Little sun rays are making
the rainbow shine
I wish you were here
forever to be mine.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

05/03/2018 - Note : Living in past is not a good thing. This is my old writing and leading to spirituality, today I am not concerned with such writings. As spiritualism is a journey from dependence to independence, No matter how difficult our situations are.

June 10, 2013

Poem on Eye Donation in Hindi


आज जब देखा एक नेत्रहीन को 
तो सोचा - 

कितने भाग्यशाली हैं हम 
जो देख सकते हैं सारी दुनिया
सोचो जरा उनके बारे में 
जिन्हें नसीब ना हो पायी 
जीवन की रंग बिरंगी झलकियाँ। 

जीवन के हर रंग से है वो बेखबर 
प्रकृति की सुन्दरता देखने को 
नहीं मिली उन्हें कोई नज़र। 

क्या हमारा कर्त्तव्य नहीं 
कि हम कर दें उनके अंधेरों को रोशन 
मृत्यु के बाद अपने नेत्रदान कर 
दे दें उन्हें एक नया जीवन। 

कितना अच्छा होगा 
जब हमारे जाने के बाद भी हमारी आँखें 
इस रंग-बिरंगी दुनिया को देख पायेगी 
अब तक जिनके सोये थे सपने 
उनके जीवन में नए रंग लाएगी। 

Monika Jain 'पंछी' 

Poem on Eye Donation in English

Let Us Enlighten Someone’s World

Today when I saw a blind man
I thought, How lucky we are
that we can see the whole universe
Think about the people
whose life is filled with a curse.

They are unaware about the colors of life
To see the beauty of this world they didn't get any eyes
The world we can see, the world we can feel
But those who can’t see from where they will get the zeal?

What is blue, What is red
They don’t know how the colors make us glad.
No trees around, no flowers to bloom
Their life is like a dark room.

No moon to watch, no books to read
But we can help such people indeed.
We can change their life forever
We just need to do a little favor.

We can illuminate their darkness
By donating eyes we can fill their life with lightness
After we are gone our eyes will give them sight
This way our eyes will continue to live a life.

Instead of destroying our eyes
Let us donate them to make best use of our life.
For the sake of humanity
Let us donate our eyes to fulfill our responsibility.

How nice it would be when even after our death
Our eyes will be able to see this beautiful earth.
Eyes are best gift of nature to the body
So let us donate our eyes and make this adorable charity.

Let us donate our eyes as its kindness
Let us donate our eyes to eradicate blindness
Let us donate our eyes to create belief
Let us donate our eyes to give someone a big relief
Let us enlighten someone’s world
Let us give wings to a bird.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'