May 8, 2014

Stop Animal Cruelty Poems in English


Stop Animal Cruelty

Slaughtering of animals
in the name of religion
It's beyond my thinking
and above my imagination.

It can't be the desire of God
Please make your thinking little bit broad.
Look inside the heart of that creature
What are you doing
for the sake of your pleasure?

See his innocence and feel his pain
By killing an innocent nothing you will gain.
Listen his scream and listen his cry
How can you make your heart so dry?

Seas for the fishes
Air for the birds
Forests for the animals
But their nature is reversed.
For research
they are treated as a scientific tool
For entertainment
they are kept in cages and swimming pools.

They have the same feelings
and experience the same
depth of love and pain
When they are loved deeply
their loyalty, love and affection
in many folds is our gain.

They have the equal right
on earth and sky
They don’t have voice
but they also cry.
Be the voice for creatures
who can not speak up for themselves
Be the strength of those
who are completely helpless.

Respect the rights of other living beings
Stop financing their death trade
Love all creations of nature
and Make sure
no animal around us is being exploited.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


I Don't Need Next Life

My day begins in sorrow
And day ends in tears.

Sitting alone on a lonely tree
My little house on the top branch
Sometimes, I cry.

When I see
My childs are dying
But there's no one who would help.

Humans are not less than animals
Now I'm enough tired to walk
My wing is broken in half.

And now I see
Where I'm heading
And I'll ask this question to my Lord.

Why you created
This monster on earth
Their edacity is out of control.

See, a human hit me with a gun
I didn't hurt him
But he hurted me just for a fun.

I don't need next life on earth
If there is a human
He would not hesitate to kill me twice.

Chetan K Dheer

Animals are beaten for no reason. They are forced to do something they don’t want to do for the entertainment and pleasure of we humans. They are slaughtered for religious practices, fur, skin etc. This must be stopped. Let’s be the voice of these innocent creatures.

May 5, 2014

Poem on Human Nature in English


We Humans

We need corruption free country
but we are involved in corruption.

We want clean neighbourhood
but we are responsible for pollution.

We worship god day and night
but we don't follow their instructions.

We are educated
but we still believe in superstitions.

We hate politics
but we all are politicians.

We participate in movements
but we don't have compassion.

We are human
but we have crossed all limitations.

Monika Jain 'Panchhi'


I Can't Say I Was A Good Soul

After two and a half hour
Still on the chair
But didn't write anything yet
And I call myself a writer.

Even I have learned to walk
Now I know what is good and bad
But I didn't take steps against bad yet
And I call myself a human.

Yeah, I go to temples
I beg for mercy, I ask for happiness
I pray for myself not for you or anyone
And I call myself a true devotee.

I can see there is a thief
I know what is he gonna do
But I turn my face on other side
And I call myself a good civilian.

I know the meaning of appetite
Eating fast food cause I bought it
But I ignore a beggar
who may hungry from two days
And I call myself a rich man.

I know when I'm in pain
I come to you and share my feelings
But I don't ask how are you
And I call myself a true friend.

I know one day I'll go back into dirt
There will be my deeds with myself
And when God will ask what was I
I know I can't say I was a good soul.

Chetan Dheer

This dual character can be seen everywhere today. Society is changing rapidly and we humans are becoming more and more self centered with the passes of time.